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Research Review and Ethics Approval

People and students at a Professional Development exhibition.

These pages provide information and guidance to members of staff and students in the School who are planning research projects, and to all researchers wishing to access students for the purposes of data generation. Information is also provided for members of staff proposing manuscripts for internal publication. A good place to start is to follow this interactive flowchart which has been produced as a guide to the School’s processes. 

The document entitled 'Summarising research and related review processes - briefing notes for staff and students' provides detailed information about research review and approvals, and policies more generally. 

Scientific review and ethics screening

All research proposed by staff and students in the School, and all education and/or practice development projects with a research component, should be submitted to the Research Review and Ethics Screening Committee (RRESC). RRESC has responsibilities in a number of areas, which are outlined here. The context in which projects are proposed determines which combination of these responsibilities RRESC discharges in each case. However, in all cases proposals should be sent for RRESC review before they are sent for review to any external body (including grant awarding bodies, or NHS research ethics committees).  Staff and students are also advised that RRESC is not a research ethics committee, but will guide researchers towards an NHS or a non-NHS route for final ethics approval.

When sending proposals for review by RRESC researchers are reminded to include a completed front sheet. Once received, proposals will be processed following the procedures outlined here, with RRESC reviewers assessing projects using a standard review and costings assessment form. Manuscripts submitted for internal publication are reviewed using this peer review form.

Research ethics

The School also operates a research ethics committee (REC), chaired by an ethics officer, which considers proposals not being reviewed through the NHS REC system. This committee has produced guidance on research ethics for the benefit of staff and students. The School REC considers proposals as they are submitted and researchers are advised to include with their proposals a completed REC approval form.


Staff Documents

The staff documents area contains a number of useful documents: 

1) Examples of participant information sheets which may help researchers in developing their own.

2) Information on the SONMS research grant application process

3) A presentation on 'the relationship between the University and the NHS in the context of research' by Helen Falconer, RACDV.

Members of staff at the School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies are reminded that the School operates an early notification system for all funded research projects. At the earliest opportunity, and prior to submitting their plans to RRESC, staff should read the guidelines and complete the research proposal notification form. The guidelines and form can be accessed in the Staff Documents area by using the links provided.