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Maternal, Child and Family Health - Projects

Contributing to an evidence base in workforce research. Kelly (SONMS), Hunter (SONMS), Donnelly, Radnor, Jones, McDermott, O'Brien, Pratt and Watkins (SONMS). Funder: NLIAH

Investigating Resilience in Midwifery. Funding to support a preliminary qualitative investigation ( online focus groups and Delphi Group), as a precursor to developing an intervention to enhance resilience in midwifery. PI: Hunter (SONMS). Funder: RCM

RESPONSE: can effective communication by nurses and midwives diffuse complaints? Hunter (SONMS) (with Surrey University)

Pathways to Humane Maternity Care in Malawi (with Visiting Research Fellow Sarah Shelmerdine)

Evaluating the Family Nurse Partnership Programme in England: a randomized controlled trial. (PI: Robling) Lowes (SONMS). Funder: DOH

Evidence into Practice: evaluating a child-centred intervention for diabetes medicine management PI:Williams (SONMS), Allen (SONMS), Lowes (SONMS). Funder: SDO