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Funded Research

The development of the research profile for the School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies over recent years has seen a massive increase in income from external funding for research projects undertaken by academic staff. Below is a selection of recent research awards.

NameFunding bodyAmountResearchStart DateEnd Date
CI: Simpson (City), Hannigan (SONMS),  Jones (SONMS), Coffey (Swansea), Faulkner. Project Manager: Dr Jitka Jancova.NIHR HS&DR£396,983Cross-national comparative study of recovery-focused mental health care planning and coordination 01/10/201230/09/2014
Hannigan (SONMS), Edwards (SONMS), Evans (SONMS), Gillen (Information Services), Pryjmachuk (Manchester), Trainor (Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust), Longo (Glamorgan)NIHR HS&DR£117,922An evidence synthesis of risk identification, assessment and management using tier 4 child and adolescent mental health services. 01/02/201330/04/2014

Kelly (SONMS), Hunter(SONMS), Donnelly (PGMDE), Radnor (CARBS), Jones (SONMS), McDermott (CARBS), O'Brien, Pratt and Watkins (SONMS)



'An academic collaboration to develop workforce research'

P.I. Prof D. Kelly (SONMS)



Kelly (SONMS), Jones(SONMS)



Raising concerns about the mistreatment of older people in Wales

1/12/2011 -


Allen (SONMS)



Connecting for Service Improvement: Understanding departmental and organisational interfaces

P.I. Prof D. Allen (SONMS) - Improvement Science Fellowship



Lankshear (SONMS), Lowson (YHEC)THF£391,976

The Safer Patients Network 

P.I. - Dr A. Lankshear (SONMS)

Allen (SONMS), Cohen, Gregory, Hood, Channon, Lowes (SONMS),Satherley (SONMS), Owen, RoblingSDO£362,665The transition from paediatric to adult diabetes services

P.I.- Prof. D. Allen (SONMS)

Williams (SONMS), Allen (SONMS), Lowes (SONMS), Carter, Gregory, Threadgold, Boyce, Noyes, Sharp, Brocklehurst, Jackson, Rycroft-Malone, Lewis, Samuels, Russell, Tudor-EdwardsSDO£399,993 Evidence into practice: evaluating a child-centred intervention for diabetes medicine management

P.I. Prof A. Williams (SONMS)