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Case Studies of Current Students

Student Sara Evans - profile picture.

"I chose Cardiff because, as a mature student with a family, I needed a university where I would be fully supported both academically and pastorally. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Cardiff so far. The course has allowed me to develop the skills needed to be a qualified midwife. I thought, at first, that we would be limited to lectures about anatomy and physiology but I was completely wrong! We learn about the social context of midwifery, the psychological effects of pregnancy and birth, alternatives to pain relief and so much more. Even the 3000 word essays have been enjoyable; the topics are so broad you have the opportunity to write about subjects that really interest you and know that no two essays will ever be the same. 

Placements are my favourite part of the course. They allow you to consolidate your learning and put it all into practice. I have enjoyed the variety of placements, but community placements come top of my list. The allocated mentors have been fantastic and not only support you to put your learning into practice but also push you to learn even more. 

Cardiff is a fantastic place to study midwifery. The opening of the new clinical skills suite has given us the opportunity to use the latest technology to simulate real life events and emergencies. As a city, Cardiff is everything you could ask for as a student; plenty of shopping opportunities as well as great nightlife! Once qualified I hope to find employment locally as a midwife but am already considering further study, perhaps in a research field, at Cardiff University. 

The BMid programme at Cardiff University, I feel, has prepared me to enter the world of a newly qualified midwife. The clinical sessions have prepared me for day to day clinical practice, the placements have allowed me to put these skills into practice and the theory has given me the essential knowledge needed to practice."

- Sara Evans, Midwifery

Student Kayleigh Griffiths - photo.

"I wanted to study at Cardiff for a few reasons. Firstly, I was born in Cardiff and I love it as a city. Secondly, Cardiff University is a Russell Group institution, offering high standards of teaching and making its students more attractive to employers. Thirdly, Cardiff University offers clinical placements in The University Hospital of Wales – a well-established hospital I hoped would provide me with valuable experience and open doors for me in the future.

Clinical placements have been the highlight of the course for me. I have been lucky with willing mentors who have been happy to support my progress. It is also the place where you get to experience the job and I find even when I’ve had a hard day I still feel fulfilled. Every placement has taught me useful skills that I will take into my practice.

The theoretical side I initially found more difficult, but as the course has progressed, so have my results. I highly recommend using the academic supervision and lecturer feedback wisely. All lecturers are willing to meet and discuss the feedback in more detail if you ask!

As I have lived in Cardiff all my life I am slightly biased, but I love it. It’s the perfect size - not too big that it is overwhelming or so small that it’s boring. Cardiff Bay is a good place for restaurants and Cardiff City Centre has plenty of night life as well as the Students’ Union, restaurants and shopping. Cardiff is a coastal city so there are a number of beaches within driving distance. There are also plenty of beautiful parks and reserves to visit on the rare but amazing sunny days we get!

My immediate plans for the future are to just gain as much experience as possible. One day I would like to become a specialist nurse. Clinical placements allow you to organise days, afternoons, mornings etc with many different people from the multi-disciplinary team. If I can give some advice, be proactive and see as much as possible. It is amazing how many opportunities are available if you look. "

- Kayleigh Griffiths, Adult Nursing

"I was attracted to Cardiff by the excellent reputation of the School and the friendly and encouraging staff that I met on the School Information Day. 

I feel extremely privileged to be studying midwifery in Cardiff, and I am thoro

Student Rebecca Westbury - photograph.

ughly enjoying my time on the course. The lectures we have whilst on theory block are really interesting and stimulating. 

The placement areas we work in are extremely diverse, ranging from the largest hospital in Wales to small community run units in the valleys, providing a wide range of experiences. I really enjoy clinical placement as it provides the opportunity to work alongside midwives and put into practice what we have learned in the classroom. 

The midwifery lecturers from the university and mentors in the clinical areas are so friendly, supportive and approachable and I feel that this has really made a difference to my experience on the course. Plus, Cardiff is a great place both to live and study. There are plenty of societies to get involved in to meet new people and socialise. 

After completing my final year of the course I plan to stay in Cardiff and hope to get a job as a midwife in one of the local health boards. Whilst I plan to work in the hospital initially, my long term aim is to be a community midwife as I thoroughly enjoy the continuity of care that comes from supporting women and their families throughout their pregnancy."

- Becky Westbury, Midwifery

"I was attracted to study at Cardiff due to the reputation of the University. I have worked as a healthcare assistant for several years and was aware of the positive perspective employers have of the university. 

It is hard going at times – you do have plenty of support from academic and personal tutors but you must not underestimate the effort you need to put in yourself. It has been wonderful expanding my knowledge. Nursing as a structured degree has had many critics over the years but I feel that it is essential. Nursing is about evidence-based practice and this course provides you with the information, facilities and knowledge to achieve this. 

Placements are of particular importance; you can find out what you do or do not enjoy, expand your learning and have a chance to show your skills and grow your confidence. 

I don’t live in Cardiff so I commute by car, which is convenient but parking can be costly if you can’t find a space on the street. Whether you’re at the Heath or at Eastgate House, it is also fairly easy to get to via train. When you’re on placement you may be able to claim a percentage of your travel costs back, but do be prepared to travel. 

Cardiff as a city is lovely; you’re always near the shops or places to walk and the Heath in particular has a very good library. 

I have one year left on my studies and I am already planning what I want to do next. I would ideally love a job in CAMHS – something I never expected to want until I started this course and went on a brilliant placement in my second year. I guess the message is, give yourself the opportunity to experience everything as you may find you change your mind about what you want to do and what you will get fulfilment from! When I qualify, I would like to expand my training; possibly get my dual training as a counsellor."

- Martyn Cameron-Davies, Mental Health Nursing