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Leading Through Empowerment  (NR3180)

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This module is aimed at those in senior clinical roles. The module is designed to recognise the importance of work based learning in developing clinical leadership and will allow professionals who are engaged with the 'Free to lead Free to care' clinical portfolio to achieve academic credit for their clinically located learning.

The work based learning approach allows the knowledge and skills that are developed in clinical practice to become visible and allows for assessment in academic terms. Through this approach the module will enhance the skills or inquiry, networking, change management and creativity as well as allowing the use of professional experiences in the learning process.

The module requires development of a clinical portfolio. To use the portfolio towards academic credit, the student will need to register for the module any time from beginning to compile their portfolio, up until six months after its completion. The portfolio will need to have been completed within twelve months from registering it with their Health Board.


The module will focus on developing the individual's reflective, analytical and creative skills. This will conceptualise the work based learning approach by focusing on the learning process rather than the teaching process and the learners will be responsible for driving their learning and professional development.

Module Dates 2014-2015:

29 April 2015; 13 May; 3 June; 8 22 July


4000 word critical reflection.


Ty Dewi Sant, Heath Park Campus.

Module leaders

Mrs Judith Benbow

Position:Lecturer/Associate Director of International and Engagement
Mrs Judith Benbow
Telephone: +44 (0)29 206 87805Extension: 87805

Mrs Jacqui Rattray

Position:Lecturer: Adult Nursing
Ms Jacqui Rattray
Telephone: +44 (0)29 206 87823Extension: 87823