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Global Public Health  (NRT058)

This module offers a critical exploration of public health in the UK whilst inviting students to compare and contrast other countries’ responses to the health challenges of the 21st century. The module equips practitioners with the knowledge and skills to search for the health needs of populations, communities, families and individuals; to stimulate awareness of those needs amongst health care providers and users; to influence and respond to health policy that tackles those needs and creatively plan and deliver health enhancing activities (Cowley &Frost 2006).

As the module is taught on a shared learning principle, in conjunction with the Specialist Community Practice Health Nurse students, there is an additional element to your learning and development in that through linking with those whose full time role is within Primary Care you will be introduced to the culture and experiences that the SCPHN students bring to the module.

Module content:

  • Theories and perspectives of public health
  • Epidemiology
  • Health inequalities
  • Policy
  • Health promotion
  • Psychological theory
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Community development


5,000 word theory assignment

Module leader

Mrs Lorraine Joomun

Position:Lecturer: Primary Care and Public Health Nursing
Ms Lorraine Joomun
Telephone: +44 (029) 2091 7819Extension: 7819


The module will be held in Eastgate House, Newport Road, Cardiff.

Module Dates 2013

This module will run on Mondays and Tuesdays and the entire module will run twice a year, dates as follows (some self-directed study days are included and you may opt out of some study days in discussion with the module leader):

September module
16th September 2013     
17th September 2013
23th September 2013    
24th  September 2013     
30th  September 2013
1st  October 2013    
7th  October 2013
8th October 2013
14th October 2013
15th October 2013
21st October 2013
22nd October 2013
28th October 2013
29th October 2013
4th November 2013  
5th November 2013
11th November 2013
12th November 2013
18th November 2013
19th November 2013
6th December 2013

February module
3rd February 2014
4th February 2014
10th February 2014
17th February 2014
18th February 2014
24th February 2014
25th February 2014
3rd March 2014
4th March 2014
10th March 2014
11th March 2014
17th March 2014
18th March 2014
24th March 2014
31st March 2014
1st April 2014
7th April 2014
8th April 2014


Module code - NRT058

Credits - 30

Level - 7