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West 3 - Low Secure Forensic Unit


Low Secure Forensic Unit, Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff CF14 7XB

University Contact:

Ms Nicola Evans

Position:Lecturer: Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Psychosocial Care
Telephone: +44 (0)29 2091 7919Extension: 7919

Clinical Teacher Contact:

Venetia Yarr

Telephone:  02920 716387




Forensic Admissions

Our Philosophy of Care

"To provide effective, individualised and evidence based care and treatment in the least restrictive environment and approach as possible".

West 3 is a 10 bedded unit with a male only client group. It assesses and treats individuals with mental health problems, eventually facilitating their return to the community with support from the forensic community team and other professionals.

The aim of the ward is to provide each client with an individual package of care along with current multi-disciplinary risk assessments and a named primary nurse system.

The unit follows a multi-disciplinary team approach incorporating the role of the primary nurse in liaison with the care co-ordinator. The MDT is made up of the following disciplines- Nursing staff, Social Workers, Medical staff, Community forensic nurses, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and the Fast team.
Assessments are usually carried out by the MDT, and individual treatment plans are formulated this way. Referrals are assessed by nursing staff and the medical team and then the client suitability is discussed in MDT meetings.

Clients are referred to west 3 from a variety of areas including the community forensic team, other wards based in Whitchurch Hospital, outpatient clinics, the prison service, probation and social services, courts, other hospitals, and the emergency assessment unit.

Staff on west 3 endeavour to provide the client group with up to date information on health education, and to create a therapeutic environment as far as is possible.
One to one nurse and patient meetings occur on a weekly basis and this also gives the patient the opportunity to discuss the relevant changes to their care and raise any issues that they may have.

Patients are encouraged to remain as responsible for their self-care and be as autonomous as is possible in the low secure setting, to actively participate in all aspects of their treatment.
Treatment is planned in as holistic approach as is possible given the restrictions of many patients mental health act status and is reviewed on a regular basis with the patient and the MDT.



Male adults, mentally disordered offenders.


Key Learning Opportunities: 

Assessment, care planning, reviews for individuals

CTP familiarity

Risk assessment

Report writing and attending MHRTs

Multi-disciplinary team meetings

Liaison with other agencies

Participation in ward groups

Discharge planning

Spending time with FAST team, community forensic team, court liaison, prison in reach


Preparation for Practice:

Ward management, risk assessment, multi-agency working



Flexible shifts including: 

07:30 - 20:30 

12:00 - 20:30

20:20 - 07:40


Dress Code: 

No jeans or trainers.

Please cover body art and piercings.

Females: please wear trousers, no leggings

Last Updated:

December 2014