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B1 (Cardiology), UHW


University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff CF14 4XN


Ceri Meredith - Lead Mentor   Pauline Williams - Ward Manager   telephone: 02920 744603 / 743829

University Contact: 

Mrs Susan Ward

Position:Lecturer: Adult Nursing
Telephone: +44 (0)29 206 87803Extension: 87803

Clinical Teacher:

Ms Janet Keggie

Position:Clinical Teacher
Ms Janet Keggie
Telephone: +44 (0)29 206 87661Extension: 87661


B1 provides care for patients with acute and chronic cardiac conditions. The ward has 38 beds and is divided into parts, North and South. South is largely allocated to post MI care and accepts patients from surrounding hospitals for post stent care.
North is usually allocated to more complex chronic cardiac management and provides greater multi disciplinary care and management. The ward has capacity for ECG monitoring at the bedside and via 12  elementary units.  
North and South have team leaders and there will be a nurse as co-ordinator for the day.


All ages of adult patients.

Key Learning Opportunities: 

Students will be able to experience care of patients;
Angiograms, angioplasty and stents
Electrophysiology and ablations
ASD/TAVI closure
Insertion of various pacemakers and monitoring
Physiological stress testing
Care of post MI
Heart failure
Palliative care
Health education and rehabilitation

Cardiology consultants and team
Nurse practitioners
Social workers
Occupational therapy

Students will be able to consider care across the 4 NMC domains of practice.
Spoke experience from this area includes but are not limited to: cardiac day case unit, cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac intensive care, cardiology outpatients, surgical pre admission clinic, coronary care.  

Preparation for Practice:

The text book by Hatchet and Thompson (2007) Cardiac Nursing a Comprehensive Guide, covers a lot of information and would be a helpful resource during this placement.


A range of shift patterns are worked.
07.00- 19.30 (12 hour day shift)  
19.00- 07.30 (12 hour night shift)
Student to negotiate shift patterns with mentor and can do 7.5. hour shifts.

Dress Code: 


Last Updated:

February 2013