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University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff CF14 4XN


Andrea Sullivan

029 20743269/3267

Clinical Teacher Contact:

Mrs Tricia Brown

Telephone: +44 (0)29 206 87661


Emergency Surgical Admissions


Patients requiring acute surgical care

Key Learning Opportunities: 

Assessment and care of patients requiring emergency and acute surgery.

Ward A2 is a very busy thirty eight bedded surgical ward that admits patients requiring emergency surgical care.  The ward has developed and maintains good links with other wards / the multidisciplinary team and has a patient focused philosophy of care. 

The ward staff offer support to colleagues at all levels. There are many experienced nurses, who are encouraged to share their surgical expertise with colleagues and students. There is a well developed system of mentorship that offers support for students allocated to the ward. The students are allocated a signed off mentor and also have access to support from two other co mentors.

The ward practices a holistic approach to patient care. The students have the opportunity to follow the progress of their patients and are encouraged to accompany patients when they have investigations and surgery.

The majority of student evaluations indicate that they perceive A2 as offering a good learning environment and level of support. Some of the students have requested A2 as a module 9 placement and have gone on to secure qualified nursing posts on this ward.

Preparation for Practice:

Students are advised to contact the ward before commencing their placement to identify/meet their mentor


  • 0700 - 1930
  • 1900 - 0730

Dress Code: 

All Wales Uniform

Last Updated:

July 2014