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Accident and Emergency Department, Nevill Hall Hospital


Nevill Hall Hospital, Brecon Road, Abergavenny NP7 7EG


(01873) 732973

University Contact: 

Clinical Teacher Contact:


Emergency/Unscheduled care


Adults and Children

Key Learning Opportunities: 

  • Can take one student as a management placement (NR3158)
  • Assessment, prioritisation and initial management of a wide range of emergencies
  • Opportunity to participate in resuscitation of adults and children presenting with a wide range of medical and traumatic problems
  • Participate in interdisciplinary care working closely with nurses, doctors, radiology and paramedics.
  • Exposure to nursing care and management of acute injuries and wounds and also health promotion, self care advice.
  • Observe nurses who see treat and discharge patients without medical input


  • Early - 0700-1500
  • Late - 1330-2130
  • Nights + longer shifts staggered to match workload

Dress Code: 


Last Updated:

April 2008