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Ward 3/1, Nevill Hall Hospital


Nevill Hall Hospital, Brecon Road, Abergavenny NP7 7EG


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Elective Orthopaedics


Adult Orthopaedics

Key Learning Opportunities: 

  • Visit to orthopaedic outpatients.
  • Admission of patients for elective day surgery and inpatient stays.
  • Pre-operative care, including the opportunity to visit the pre-admission unit (EPAC).
  • ECG, Vene puncture and other pre-operative investigations.
  • Visits and follow through of patients to Orthopaedic theatres and recovery.
  • Post-operative care for day surgery and inpatients.
  • Ward rounds.
  • Multi Disciplinary team meetings and handovers.
  • Daily RMO round and daily inpatient discharges and transfers.
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Daily discharges from day surgery
  • Plastering and care of patients in casts.
  • Dressings and wound management.
  • Shift handover.
  • Medication rounds.
  • Time with pain team.
  • Time with foot and ankle nurse specialist.
  • Assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care. Documentation of care.


  • 0710 - 2130
  • 2110 - 0725
  • 7.5 hours am or pm

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Last Updated:

October 2009