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South West Team (Newport Borough)


St Woolos Hospital, Stow Hill, Newport, NP20 4SZ


01633 238441

University Contact: 

Ms Jayne Foley

Position:Lecturer: Primary Care and Public Health Nursing
Ms Janye Foley
Telephone: +44 (029) 2091 7735Extension: 7735

Clinical Teacher Contact:

Mrs Denise Williams

Position:ABHB Strategic and Operational Lead Practice Facilitator
Associate Lecturer - SONMS
Telephone: +44 (0)1633 234687 or +44 (0)7789 958249




Adult Community

Key Learning Opportunities: 

  • Assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating care of adults in a community setting
  • Interdisciplinary working
  • Opportunities to develop knowledge working with MDT (social work; voluntary sector, hospice and palliative care services, occupational therapy; physiotherapy; dietetics; SALT; Nurse Specialists)
  • Manage complex health needs and Chronic Disease Management
  • Health Promotion and empowerment of patients/clients to self manage and retain independence
  • To promotes awareness of diversity of professionals/services who reduce the need for patients to access secondary care

Preparation For Practice:

Year 1 students to familiarise themselves with HIS documentation and attend pre placement preparation for practice session for specific guidelines.
Year 3 students need to be aware of current Policies affecting care of patients/clients in a community setting.

Dress Code: 


Last Updated:

October 2009