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Rholben Villa


Maindiff Court, Ross Road, Abergavenny

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Acute Mental Health


Acute Mental Health

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Rholben Villa is an 11 bedded acute admission ward for the North Monmouthshire team. The unit   caters for clients aged between 16 and 65 years who may be admitted with a wide range of mental illnesses.

The ward is underpinned by a philosophy of individualised care with an aim to successfully treat each client in an individual manner, optimising their involvement in decisions about their care and treatment and respecting their dignity. 

Each client is the responsibility of a qualified member of staff who assess their needs and plans, implements and evaluates their care within a multidisciplinary context.  Clients are also supported by unqualified staff who assist them to achieve their individual goals and maintain their mental health. .Where appropriate client carers are encouraged to participate in the planning of care and review of progress.

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No uniform

Last Updated:

May 2008