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Ms Judith Carrier 

PhD student Judith Carrier
Position:PhD student

Telephone:02920 917840
Fax:02920 917924
Location:Room 411(a), EastGate House, 35-43 Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 0AB

Utilisation of evidence based clinical guidelines by general practice nurses


Prof. Davina Allen 


Little is known about the utilisation of evidence to inform nursing practice in primary care.  At a time when knowledge management is seen as a core function of the NHS modernisation programme, understanding how nurses both access and integrate knowledge into their clinical practice is essential. The aim of this study, using an ethnographic methodology, is to explore if, when and, importantly, how practice nurses utilise evidence-based guidelines when making clinical decisions in practice.  A surfeit of clinical guidelines is available in primary care including interactive online tools.  The study is investigating whether practice nurses utilise these guidelines to inform their clinical practice and in what context.  This will contribute to an understanding of whether guidelines can be used to influence clinical behaviour and if not what other methods can be employed to assist the translation of evidence into effective clinical practice.  Previous studies have been carried out looking at general practitioners uptake of evidence-based guidelines but little research has been carried out relating to practice nurses.