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Ms Wafa Almegewly 

  • Overview
Position:PhD Student

Telephone:02920 917784
Location:Room 513, EastGate House 35-43 Newport Road Cardiff CF24 0AB


'Assessing Breast Cancer Survivors’ Needs amongst Saudi Arabian Women’


Background: Breast cancer (BC) is the most common of cancer among Saudi females and accounted for 25.1% of all newly diagnosed cancer among them (Saudi Cancer Registry 2011). Moreover, it is estimated that by year 2025, the incidence will reach to 350% and mortality of 160% (Ibrahim et al. 2008).

Improvements in medical treatment and survival following breast cancer, researchers have turned their attention to investigating the needs of breast cancer survivors. Need assessment is a direct measure of the divergence between the patients’ experiences and expectations (Bonevski et al. 2000). Hospital follow up appointments tend to focus on looking for any return of the cancer, and monitoring treatment effects. Physical, emotional and social concerns can often be overlooked, even though there is evidence that referring people to support services in good time improves quality of life

Aims and objectives:  The proposed study aims to assess breast cancer survivors’ needs amongst Saudi Arabian Women. It is important to explore their needs in term of physical, psychosocial, information, spiritual and administration.

Methods: The researcher plans to make use of mixed (quantitative and qualitative) methods. This approach will permit the researcher to provide rich in depth information about barest cancer survivors’ needs in Saudi Arabia. A purposeful of estimated sample ranged between 60 to 100 breast cancer survivors will be approached to participate in the quantitative and 20% of those for the qualitative phase. For the analysis of the collected data, Statistical package Software for Science (SPSS. 2011) and NVivo software will be used.