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Mr Ahmed Al-Ghamdi 

  • Overview
PhD student Ahmed Al-Ghamdi
Position:PhD Student

Telephone:02920 917727
Location:702a, EastGate House, 35-43 Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 0AB


Prevalence of obesity among primary school boys in Makkah Al Mokarramah, Saudi Arabia


Professor Jane Hopkinson and Dr Aled Jones

Project summary:

Childhood is an important period for long-term health in life. Children of today are the future generation, and it is important acknowledge the evidence that some medical disorders in early life can affect later life. Therefore, many developed countries are interested in maintaining the health of their children. These countries develop children’s programs and support many projects that focus on children’s health, because they recognize that investing money during childhood has a positive impact on their lives, health, and future production. In addition, the total cost of disease prevention and awareness may prove significantly less than the costs of treatment and rehabilitation of diseases. Obesity is a serious condition among children; it has spread significantly all over the world. It is a risk factor for many of the diseases that affect the lives of children (Williams et al., 2012). Moreover some medical professionals have described this current situation as an “obesity crisis” (Carr and Friedman, 2005). Importantly, obesity can be prevented through many measures, such as increasing awareness and supporting physical activities and in some cases, treatment can be used. A recent study recommends knowing a child’s perception of body weight when planning and establishing programs to control body weight (Pauline et al., 2012). Accordingly, the current study seeks to know the views of Saudi children with regard to obesity, so that the new interventions will be more successful to reduce or maintain normal body weight because it is based on the understanding of children's thinking and their beliefs.