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Prof Sheila Hunt 

Achievements in Building a Research Culture 

  • Lead applicant for the bid to the Scottish Executive Health Department, NES (NHS Education for Scotland), and Health Foundation (formed effective collaborative relationships with four universities) - awarded £1 million in September 2003 for the Nursing and Allied Health Professions Research Training Scheme.

NB. This UK research training scheme award aimed at increasing research capability and capacity for nurses, midwives and Allied Health Professions was achieved against UK competition. The proposal involved building alliances with experienced academic researchers in other universities and with different disciplines. The award was made to the North East Research Alliance, a consortium formed from four Scottish Universities and local NHS Trusts. On going evaluation and reviews are all favourable. 

  • Played a key role in developing, implementing and reviewing the School Research Strategy 2000 -2007
  • Played a major role in establishing the Social Dimensions of Health Institute (an innovative collaboration with the Medical School and the University of St Andrews)
  • Lead applicant for the research capability and capacity infrastructure bid ‘Alliance for Self Care’ awarded £2.3 million (a collaboration with five Universities) in 2005
  • Assisted in attracting the RCN Annual International Nursing Research Conference to Dundee in 2007, member of the organising committee.
  • Assisted in attracting the ‘International Philosophy of Nursing Conference’ to Dundee in 2007

Research Supervision and External Examining in Research: PhD / MPhil Thesis Examined 2002/06 (12)

  • Midwives and Family Violence: An Exploration of Attitudes and Abilities of Midwives to Directly Question Pregnant Women Concerning Domestic Violence, M.Phil. December 2002. University of Central England
  • Midwife to Mid Wif - A Study of Case Load Midwifery, PhD. May 2002. Thames Valley University
  • Fathers in Making Men, Bodies and Babies, PhD. October 2002. University of Hull
  • Scottish Midwives 1916-1983: The Central Midwives Board for Scotland and Practising Midwives, PhD Thesis. January 2003. University of Glasgow
  • Midwifery Education and the Role in Standards of Clinical Practice, PhD. July 2002. Glasgow Caledonian University Department of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Domestic Violence in Pregnancy: Prevalence and Impact on Maternal Health and Obstetric Outcome.  Detection of Domestic Violence by Midwives Using a Screening Instrument, PhD. July 2002. University of London
  • Midwives Experiences of Personal Pregnancy Related Loss, PhD. March 2005. Middlesex University
  • Midwives Talk: A Discourse Analysis of Midwives Experience of Hospital Based Maternity Care in A Scottish City,  PhD. December 2005. University of Glasgow
  • Midwife Teacher’s Views of their Role and Experiences of Statutory Supervision in a University Setting, PhD. August 2006. University of Sheffield
  • Past and Present Perspectives on Power and Empowerment in Midwifery in Ireland, PhD. August 2006. Dublin City University
  • Why do young women become pregnant? PhD  September 2006 University of West of England
  • Midwifery Thesis, planned for 2007. University of Warwick