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Research Funding 2011-2012

Radiotherapist working on computer.

Researcher: Dr Liba Sheeran
Funder: Wales School of Primary Care/NISCHR
Classification -Based Group Functional Therapy (CLASTER) in sub Groups of Chronic Back Pain

Researcher: Mike Smith
Funder: AR UK
Amount: £169,600
Title: An Investigation into prognosis indicators of successful rehabilitation outcome in patients with subacromial impingement/rotar cuff tendinopathy

Researcher: Una Jones, Dr Monica Busse, Anne Rosser (MEDIC)
Funder: European Huntington's Disease Network
Amount: £38,384
Title: Feasibility and benefit of inspiratory muscle training in people with HD

Researcher: Dr Nicola Phillips, Richard Day, Trevor Baker
Funder: Welsh Government (A4B)
Amount: £32,082
Title: i-rehab SADP

Researcher: Dr Robert van Deursen, Dr Steph Enright, Dr Nichola Gale, Dr Carly Reagon, Amy Lake
Funder: Tenovus
Amount: £94,881
Title: An investigation of the effect of choral singing on quality of life in patients previously diagnosed with cancer, and their carers

Researcher: Dr Carly Reagon , Dr Gail Boniface
Funder: MIND Monmouthshire
Amount: £1,880
Title: An Evaluation and action research study of the MIND Monmouthshire outreach service Hi Way

Researcher: Prof Anne Rosser, Dr Monica Busse
Amount: £177,904
Title: DeNDRoN

Researcher: Dr Robert van Deursen, Prof Alun Preece (COMSC)
Funder: Wales School of Primary Care/NISCHR/WORD
Amount: £17,777
Title: Measuring activity recovery at home in the post - acute phase of stroke rehabilitation by means of a novel computerised system

Researcher:  Dr Jill Riley, Dr Gail Boniface, Jayne Cox and 3 other co-applicants
Funder: UK Occupational Therapy Research Foundation (UKOTRF) 
Amount: £31,602 
Title: The effectiveness of occupational therapy local authority social services' interventions for older people in Great Britain: A critical literature review.

Researcher:   Dr Monica Busse-Morris, Dr Lori Quinn, Anne Rosser (BIOSI), Katy Debono and 10 other co-applicants
Funder: Neil Glendinning Research Grant Huntington's Disease Association
Amount: £99,230
Title: Task Training in Huntington's Disease