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Research Funding 2010-2011

Radiotherapist working on computer.

Researcher:  Deb Hearle and Nina Cogger
Funder: Higher Education Academy
Amount: £2,000
Title: An Evaluation of the Progress of Student Engagement in the Design and Delivery of the new Occupational Therapy Undergraduate Curriculum

Researcher:  Keren Williamson and Emma Pope
Funder: Heat 4 Wales JISC TechDis Service
Amount: £1,135
Title: Involving Cancer Patient Communities in Radiotherapy Education

Researcher:  Dr Monica Busse, Anne Rosser (MEDIC)
Funder: Wales Office and Research and Development for Health and Social Care
Amount: £122,720
Title: Can Community Supported Exercise Benefit Subjective Wellbeing, Physical Activity Levels and Abilities in People with Huntington’s Disease

Researcher:  Dr Robert van Deursen and Dr Nichola Gale Funder: Tenovus
Amount: £29,995
Title: The Role of Exercise in Patients with Cancer Cachexia: A Study of Preferences, Motivation and Outcomes of Importance in Patients with Advanced Cancer

Researcher:  Dr Robert van Deursen and Alun Preece (COMCS)
Funder: NISCHR
Amount: £60,000
Title: Functional Recovery from Stroke during Rehabilitation in the Cardiff Stroke Unit and Home Environment

Researcher:  Susan Annetts and Geraldine Hastings Funder: Higher Education Academy
Amount: £1,783
Title: A Scoping Exercise Investigating the Efficacy and Efficiency of Audio Feedback

Researcher:  Stephen Brooks (BIOSI), Stephen Dunnett (BIOSI), Anne Rosser (BIOSI) and Dr Monica Busse
Funder: European Huntington’s Disease Network
Amount: £41,015
Title: A Translational Study in the Beneficial Effects of Exercise on Huntington’s Disease Symptomatology: The Development  of a Correlate of an Ongoing Patient Trial

Researcher:  Vic Duance (BIOSI), Deborah Mason (BIOSI), Daniela Riccardi (BIOSI), Anwen Williams (MEDIC), Bronwen Evans (MEDIC),  Simon Jones (MEDIC), Dr Robert van Deursen (SOHCS), Cathy Holt (ENGIN), Sam Evans (ENGIN), Stephen Denyer (PHRMY) Daniel Aeschlimann (DENTL) Richard Wise (PSYCH)
Funder: Arthritis Research UK
Amount: £2,499,940
Title: Cardiff Institute of Biomechanics and BioEngineering Research