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The lab houses the new VICON MX advanced kinematic system. With 8 infra-red cameras and 2 integrated high speed digital video cameras, this is the perfect tool for accurately analysing human movement in 3D. The new integrated Nexus software allows multiple variables to be viewed at each time frame and is an ideal tool to purpose design protocols to measure movement of the lower and upper limbs as well as the spine.

KISTLER Force Platforms

Alongside the motion capture suite, the lab has 2 fixed Kistler force platforms to measure ground reaction during a multitude of tasks such as walking, running and jumping. The force magnitude, direction and point of application are measurable through this equipment.

NOVEL Pedar X & Emed 

The Emed Pedography platform and the Pedar X insoles provide the key to analysis of pressures under the foot under static and dynamic conditions. This equipment has been particularly used in the area of Diabetic Neuropathy. The information provided through analysis of peak pressures, force and gait lines, provides an essential tool for improving rehabilitation and working to prevent diabetic foot ulcers. Both systems are fully portable; however the Pedar X system in particular has the added advantage of analysis of free gait outdoors. 

KinCom isokinetic dynamometer, one of the pieces of biomechanic equipment at RCCK


The KinCom isokinetic dynamometer is a useful tool for analysing muscle performance. This system has the ability to assess muscle strength and performance, increase strength of muscle groups, and increase range of movement through exercise. This dynamometer is particularly useful for assessing a wide range of people, including those with muscle weakness, making it an ideal tool for both research and rehabilitation.

Video Analysis: (Silicon Coach & Matlab) 

The RCCK primarily uses a variety of approaches to movement analysis. Two essential software options for video analysis are Silicon CoachTM and MATLAB©. These allow biomechanical activity to be analysed using simply a DV camera and a few basic markers. MATLAB© is programming software that allow purpose-built analyses.