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Investigating condition management

11 April 2008

The Department of Occupational Therapy have secured £46,718 to investigate the effectiveness of three condition management programmes (CMPs) in West Wales. Dr Carly Reagon is leading the project, which will run until September 2009.

CMPs are voluntary schemes run through the NHS in conjunction with JobCentre Plus, which aim to enable those claiming incapacity benefit to better understand and manage their health condition. This 18-month research project which is scheduled to commence 1 July 2008 will evaluate three CMPs in Wales. 

Dr Carly Reagon from the Department of Occupational Therapy will lead the research team which includes Mr Chris Vincent as research assistant. A mixed method approach comprising semi-structured interviews and collection and analysis of routine data will be used to elicit quantitative and qualitative data for the three sites. The evaluation will seek to investigate the extent to which CMPs enable service users to manage their health condition and move closer towards gaining work, education or training, and the perceptions of staff and service users towards the programmes.