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Years 2-4 - Level M

Year 2

Level M study develops many of the concepts and themes introduced during Level 3. Study at this level provides students with the opportunity to build upon the knowledge and understanding previously gained whilst also acquiring new knowledge and understanding. This development is seen for example, in the Surgical Care Practice modules – which build upon the Surgical Care Practitioner Skills modules at Level 3.

Similarly, the research and evaluation techniques explored during Level 3 study are also developed further during Level M study. The anatomy, pharmacology, application of technology, patient care and surgical care practice issues relevant to the clinical setting will be developed further through level M modules, with greater emphasis being placed upon the more advanced skills and knowledge.

Students will be encouraged to take still greater responsibility for their own development, demonstrating a greater reflective approach, compared to Year 1. This will enable them to develop as effective professionals fully prepared for practice in the multi-disciplinary environment of the surgical team. Details of timing of modules in Level M can be seen in Table 5.

Years 3-4

Students have the opportunity to continue their Level M study through the development of a research project, undertaking the research and producing a report in the form of a dissertation. This will enhance the student's knowledge and understanding as they explore an issue relevant to their own current or future practice.

Level M Modules