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Education in Practice – Personal and Professional Development of Self and Others - 30 credits (HCT251)

Module leader

Tony Everett


Shared module for Healthcare Professions

Programme pathway

Optional module for MSc in Occupational Therapy, MSc in Physiotherapy, MSc in Radiography, MSc in Healthcare Science , MSc in Managing Care in Perioperative Practice, stand alone module for Healthcare Professions.

Prior learning

Students must possess a first degree or diploma in a Healthcare subject giving licence to practice and have a minimum of 2 years post-qualification experience.

Credit rating

30 at M level 

Notional learning time

300 hours 

Contact hours



This 30 credit Module, run over a nominal 12 days, will help the learner to develop professionally with an emphasis on the workplace. There will be a focus on L&T with a national and global framework. With the analysis of who the participant is as a learner and a teacher this Module would be the ideal preparation for study at a postgraduate level to develop the tools to enable professional development to continue throughout the career.
The module will focus on the profession within the global, national and personal perspective. The module will debate the practitioner as a professional or technician in the context of a dynamic practice in the light of personal, cultural and political change.
This module will change the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the participant through the breadth and depth of learning and teaching influences on self, client and profession with an emphasis on the workplace.