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Tissues, Systems and Functional Measurement - 20 credits (HCT126)

Module leader

Dr Valerie Sparkes


Profession specific module for Physiotherapists.

Programme Pathway

Compulsory module for MSc in Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy, optional module for MSc Physiotherapy. Stand alone module for physiotherapists.

Prior Learning

All students must be in possession of a relevant qualification providing registration to practice as a health professional with two years post registration experience.

Credit rating

20 at M level 

Notional learning time

200 hours 

Contact hours



The aim of this module is to give the student an advanced understanding of the  human bodys’ system . This will be achieved through advanced knowledge of  cellular and functional anatomy, musculo-skeletal biology in relation to  biomechanics of movement.. The module will make use of knowledge within these fields to explain and illustrate the themes discussed on different days. Students will already have a sound knowledge of gross anatomy and biomechanics and will be encouraged to develop a better understanding of the relationship between anatomical structure, function and disease.