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Ms Bev Sarin 

Teaching Profile

I teach as part of the Neurology teaching team, covering all 3 levels at BSc and have input at MSc level. I am involved in the organisation and teaching of Neuropsychology in the Neuroscience of Human Movement and Dysfunction module [HCT240] of the MSc in Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy and Neurorehabilitation.

I am also involved with the Personal and Professional Development and Communication teaching team, supporting the development of communication, study and professional practice skills at all 3 levels of  BSc.

I am topic leader for Mental Health and Learning Disability teaching at level 5 of BSc. I am Block leader for the Specialist areas of practice, Block 5 at L5.

Clinical Background

I presently hold an Honorary Contract with Cardiff and Vale University Local Health Board, through the Neuropsychiatry Unit, Whitchurch Hospital.

I am a member of the International Organisation of Physiotherapists in Mental Health [IOPTMH] and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s professional networks for Neurology [ACPIN], Mental Health [CPMH] and Physiotherapy Research Society [PRS]

Prior to joining the University of Wales College of Medicine - (UWCM/Cardiff University), I had spent 21 years in clinical practice, 20 of those years acting as a clinical educator for physiotherapy students. My area of interest was primarily Neurological Rehabilitation. As part of my Senior Clinical profile I worked as a Senior 1 in Neurosciences at Rookwood Hospital, Cardiff (4 years); Deputy Superintendent in Orthopaedics at Prince of Wales Orthopaedic Hospital, Rhydlafar, Cardiff (3 years); Senior 1 in Trauma at Cardiff Royal Infirmary (2 years); Senior 1 in Mental Health/Clinical Specialist in Neuropsychiatry, Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff (5 years).

I was awarded an MSc in Physiotherapy (Neuroscience) from UWCM in 2000.