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Mr Dikaios Sakellariou 

Profile picture of Dikaios Sakellariou.

Telephone:029 206 87744
Fax:029 206 87796
Location:Room 3.14/1, Tŷ Dewi Sant, Heath Park Campus, Cardiff University, Cardiff, CF14 4XN

Since occupation as a concept encompasses a very broad, but so basic to well-being, meaning, there is potential for occupational therapy to form partnerships in contexts outside the traditional healthcare arena. I am currently involved in professional discussions regarding the connection between the sociopolitical environment and access to occupation and the products of this ongoing effort are several publications that explore the political nature of occupation. Together with colleagues from the UK and elsewhere we are currently working to construct a framework conceptualising occupation in this broad sense and outlining the professional issues that stem from this.
I am also interested in how illness and disability are constructed and experienced in the context of daily life. In my doctoral studies I examine how people make sense of life with continued illness or disability.

More information about my research and publications can be found at and ResearchGate

Key publications