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Mrs Karen Jones 

Main research interests

Exercise in Huntington’s Disease. Over the past couple of years I have been involved with Dr M. Busse and her ground breaking work in this area.

  • 2009 compilation of an exercise DVD for people with HD as part of a PhD study
  • 2010/11 blind assessor in the COMMET study (Can community supported exercise benefit subjective wellbeing, physical activity levels and abilities in people with Huntington’s disease? A randomised feasibility study and process evaluation) which involved an exercise intervention in local gyms.
  • 2011/12 physiotherapy intervention for TRAIN HD (Task-related training in Huntington’s Disease: a home-based intervention study).

I also have an interest in the area of Manual Handling/ Therapeutic handling in which I carried out my own MSc and am furthering this work through supervision of other Masters students.

Finally another theme within my research profile is trunk/ spinal stability re-education, a rehabilitation tool that spans all specialities. In this area I supervise both undergraduate and post graduate students, the findings of which have been presented at various National and International conferences.


I have some experience of small grant applications (2007- £500) and more recently a co applicant for the successful TRAIN HD grant (£99,230).