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Miss Arshi Samar Iqbal 

With the high prevalence of stroke in Wales, the purpose of my PhD project is to look at patients’ functional recovery from stroke during rehabilitation at Cardiff Stroke Unit and in the home environment.

Previous studies suggest that stroke patients spend long periods in hospital alone and inactive. This in-turn leads to poorer outcomes, longer hospital stay and additional utilisation of rehabilitation services.
It is important that patients’ activities can be continuously monitored in order to gain a better understanding of the factors which lead to successful rehabilitation outcomes.

The aim of my PhD project therefore, is to continuously measure the physical activity of patients for up-to 6 months post stroke using a novel automatic tracking system known as the Real Time Location System (RTLS).
At the end of the study, the reliability and validity of the RTLS system will have been established. The correlations between the RTLS activity data and other clinical measures will also inform the design of further studies.

Lead Supervisor: Dr Robert van Deursen Co-supervisors: Dr Allison Cooper and Prof Alun Preece