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Dr Geraldine Hastings 

My particular research interests are ethics and law in health & social care, health care policy, personal development planning including portfolio development and interprofessional learning.

Currently, my primary research is my doctoral research which focused on health care law, ethics and professional socialisation related to physiotherapy as a healthcare profession. My thesis Ethical Conflicts in Paediatric Physiotherapy: a qualitative study of theory and practice is an analysis of ethical, legal and professional values relating to the treatment of children and young people by paediatric physiotherapists in different health care settings. My methodology combines traditional legal and qualitative methods to review the literature, develop theories, collect and analyse data and engages with ethical and legal theory. The qualitative research study will use face-to-face interviews to inquire about paediatric physiotherapists’ knowledge, understanding and management of ethical, legal and professional issues that affect their clinical practice. The study also aims to realise the ethical values intrinsic to the paediatric physiotherapy profession. The anticipated ultimate outcome is to use the findings to develop practical guidance to assist paediatric physiotherapists in the UK with ethical conflicts in clinical practice.

My secondary research is a pan University e-learning project using Blackboard© to facilitate physiotherapy students’ engagement with reflective practice and Personal Development Planning (PDP).