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Dr Paul Brown 


Ph.D. (Occupational Therapy)

Dikaios Sakellariuo: (Co-supervising with Dr. Gail Boniface, Department of Occupational Therapy).  

Patients, families, friends and carers often see disease with varied views.  This study looks at the interpretation of narratives and the mechanisms by which people with neuro-degenerative conditions (in this instance, Motor-Nerone Disease) and their carers, be it family members or paid help, construct and view the effect of the disease upon their lives.  The research methods employed will look in particular at the ‘stories’ of their life and how they cope with illness.

MSc Radiography

Gareth Thomas: A study of radiographer's perceptions of attitudes towards the elderly patient.  



2008 Cindy Jones:  Professionals’ beliefs or patients’ needs?  Cancer patients require information to understand what will happen during their radiotherapy, however this is usually given at the beginning of the course of treatment and invariably content has been chosen designed by healthcare practitioners. This study investigated the impact of a post-treatment information leaflet for patients with prostate cancer and designed by patients rather than healthcare professionals.

MSc Radiography
  • 2004 Janice Miles:  A study to investigate factors affecting work related upper limb disorders (WRULD) in the sonographer population in the UK.
  • 2002 Wendy Williams:  A survey of the reporting practices of sonographers.
  • 2001 Bethan Williams:  A survey to evaluate the current role of radiographer film readers’ in screening mammography.
  • 2000 Clare Hargreaves:  A pilot study to investigate the dose to the contralateral breast during tangential breast irradiation.
  • 2000 Melanie Storey:  Assessment of patient set-up during external beam radiotherapy treatment using megavoltage imaging.  
  • 1998 Rosanna Sutton:  Keeping up with modern technology – A radiographer’s viewpoint.
  • 1998 Susan Tucker (Distinction):  A controlled clinical trial of the effect of aloe vera gel compared to Unguentum Merck in the treatment of acute radiodermatitis during and following radiotherapy to the breast.