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MSc/ Diploma in Social Science Research Methods Socio-Legal (Law)

Socio-Legal (Law) Pathway Information

Cardiff Law School (CLAWS) is a leading centre for research in Law, with 60% of our research activity ranked as world leading or internationally excellent in the 2008 RAE.  This pathway builds on our particularly strong and long-standing tradition of socio-legal scholarship, reflected in the fact that a leading publication in this field - the Journal of Law and Society – was founded at Cardiff almost forty years ago since when it has been continuously edited from CLAWS.  Our socio-legal orientation is further reflected in the School’s engagement with interdisciplinary research centres including a leading role in ESRC funded units such as BRASS (Business Relationships, Accountablity, Sustainability and Society), the Centre for Social and Economic Aspects of Genomics, and WISERD (Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research Data and Methods).  CLAWS jointly leads the WGC (Wales Governance Centre), and leads the Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law and Society (a virtual centre funded via the Framework 7 Ethicsweb network), the Centre for European Law and Governance (EU funded) and the Centre for Health and Social Care Law.  

MSc in Social Science Research Methods, Socio-Legal Studies (Law)

The MSc in Social Science Research Methods provides students with the opportunity to acquire the generic research skills required by all social science researchers, as well as the subject specific skills in socio-legal studies.

The course is based on a modular structure plus a research based dissertation. Six modules are designed to equip students with generic research skills including qualitative and quantitative methods, and research design. A core module develops subject specific skills for empirical socio-legal research. The remaining modules provide some flexibility for students to develop particular methodological or subject specific skills tailored to their own research interests.

+3 Training Programme

As students progress towards the completion of their PhD thesis, the skills developed in the MSc are supplemented and developed, enabling students to make the transition postgraduate student to professional and independent researcher. Over the subsequent three years they follow a structured programme organised by the Research and Graduate School in the Social Sciences (RGS).  In addition, Students will be attached to one or more socio-legal research grouping within Cardiff, typically of an interdisciplinary nature.  Specific skills related to a particular field of research will develop through group or bespoke provision.

Participating in the Socio-Legal Research Community in Law

Students on this pathway will participate fully in the activities of CLAWS socio-legal research community, which includes a substantial roster of conferences, seminars, workshops and discussion groups.  In addition, students will participate in the activities of specific research clusters or centres relevant to their particular research interests.

For further information please contact Professor Dan Wincott:

Student Testimonial
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