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Media Coverage

The early findings of the project have received widespread coverage.  Following successful two launch events of the Skills and Employment Survey 2012 in London in April and May 2013, similar events were held in Scotland and Wales in June and July.  Taken together these launch events attracted an audience in excess of 330.   Delegates consisted of policy-makers, political representatives, trade union officials, professional bodies, lobbying organisations, training providers, employers and academics.  


The results have been reported on BBC’s Breakfast News, Radio Four’s Today Programme, Radio Five Live and local radio stations across the UK such as BBC Wales and Radio Cymru.  They even appeared on the front page of the Financial Times under the headline ‘worker insecurity at 20-year high’.  Articles also appeared in The Guardian and Daily Mail, both in print and online.  Public responses to the findings were made by, among others, the General Secretary of the TUC and the Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.  In addition, the research has had an international impact with reports appearing in newspapers across the world; as far as Australia on one side of the globe and Argentina on the other.


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