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Time and Transport

Foresight for Transport EU Fifth Framework Programme 2001 - 2003

This project looked at the time-based implications of non-transport sector policies and societal changes, in particular as seen through developments in business and industry on transport policy formulation.

The scope of the project has been delineated by the following EU policy areas: EU Enlargement, the Use of IST Technologies, Energy and the Environment, and the Decentralisation of Government.


Foresight for Transport had three objectives:

  1. To set up and run a strategic dialogue with the participation of experts from different disciplines as well as representatives of business and industry, policy makers and interest organisations (including citizen representation) that prepares guidelines to analyse the influence of non-transport policies on mobility;
  2. To use these guidelines to determine the degree of impact to these policies and associated trends on mobility;
  3. To develop a procedure for monitoring such developments in the future.

Barbara Adam was responsible for the temporal dimension of the project. As part of the Strategic Dialogue on Transport part of the project Barbara Adam was setting up and running an expert time panel which established the relevance and importance of time for transport and non-transport policies of the EU policy areas cited above.

The Foresight for Transport helped to prepare the Common Transport Policy for the future and in that contributed to the preparation of decisions that are demand-oriented, economically and ecologically reasonable and socially acceptable, as well as consistent with policies of other EU sectors.

For the Forestight for Transport international and interdisciplinary team of collaborators see: A state-of-the-art deliverable, 'Timescape Analysis,' was completed in January 2002. This can be downloaded from the project website.

A time expert panel was conceptualised and brought together in Semmering, Austria in June, 2002 in conjunction with panels relating to the other areas of the project; ICT technology, EU governance, EU enlargement and environment and energy. The time panel was multi-disciplinary and encompassed a wide range of temporal interests, value systems and institutional backgrounds.

During the meeting drivers, statements and future scenarios relating to the role of time in transport were discussed and developed. The consultation document arising from the meeting can be downloaded from the website


Policy Assessment of Trans-European Networks & Common Transport Policy
EU Fourth Framework Project, 1996 - 1999

The Foresight for Transport project built on earlier research conducted for the EU on the Common Transport Policy under the Fourth Framework Programme entitled ‘Policy Assessment of Trans-European Networks & Common Transport Policy’ 1996-9 (ST96 AM601). This earlier research involved a consortium of 15 partners from across Europe, co-ordinated by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in Social Science, Vienna (ICCR). Total budget: 1.2 Mil. ECU, UWC contribution for Barbara Adam’s time analysis, ECU 28K.



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 Conference Presentations

Adam, B - 'Schneller ist besser' - zeiten in der Verkehrspolitik' Evangelische Akademie Tutzing Conference 'Zeitpolitik - Zeit in der Politik', 26 - 28th March 2004