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Social Time & Time Politics

While there is no explicit research project on this subject the focus has guided my writing since the first publication in 1988 and encompasses my futures work. It is a thread that runs through my writing since my PhD thesis. Associated with that work is an explicit acknowledgement of the political nature of writing theory. This recognition applies whether my attention is on social, feminist, anthropological or environmental theory, on education, work or globalization, on social values, responsibility or the social production of hazards.

Time politics as a practical civil society movement has been in existence in Italy since 1985 and more recently in Germany since 2002. In 2004, March 26-8 the Tutzing Time Ecology group has joined forces with this newly formed Time Politics group Zeitpolitik to hold a joint conference at the Evangelische Akademie, Tutzing, Germany entitled Zeitpolitik – Zeit in der Politik, see Evangelische Akademie Tutzing

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