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Time and Risk

The theme of Time, Risk and Uncertainty is a longstanding research interest and is closely related to the more recent focus on the social relations of the future.



Two international conferences were organised and held in Cardiff on the theme of Risk.

1996 Risk, Technology, Futures

1997 Media, Risk, and the Environment

Both conferences were published as edited collections, listed below.




1998 Timescapes of Modernity. The Environment and Invisible Hazards, London / New York : Routledge.

Edited Books:

Adam, B. Beck, U. and v. Loon, J. eds. (2000) The Risk Society and Beyond. Critical Issues for Social Theory, London and Thousand Oaks: Sage

Allan, S. Adam, B. and Carter, C. eds. (2000) Environmental Risks and the Media, London and New York: Routledge


2000 ‘Mediated Risk: BSE in the Broadsheets’, in S Allan, B Adam and C Carter (eds) Environmental Risks and the Media, London and New York: Routledge

2000 ‘Mediating Environmental Hazards: The Role of Newspapers in Informing and Educating the Public’ in H Heid, E-H Hoff and K Rodax (eds) Ökologische Kompetenz (Jahrbuch Bildung und Arbeit 98) Opladen: Leske & Brudrich pp146-162, ISBN 3-8100-2259-4

Adam, B. (1999) ‘Industrial Food for Thought: Timescapes of Risk' Environmental Values, 8/2:219-238


Research Collaborations

Oxford Risk and Environment Group - Collaboration with key risk researchers from the US & Europe.
07/97 First meeting in Oxford – Funding from European & US sources
03/01 second meeting in New Orleans

CAMULA (Cardiff, Munich, Lancaster) - Collaboration on Risk & ‘Reflexive Modernisation’. Funding from Anglo-German Foundation £ 3K

2001 International Conference on Reflexive Modernisation, 04/01 in Munich Discontinuities of Modernity? Funding from Deutsche Forschungs Gesellschaft & Siemens.

Risk, Media & Culture Research Group(RMC), Cardiff School of Journalism and Media Culture holds regular meetings and discuss joint research interests and projects

Risk, Interaction and Organisation Research Group , Cardiff School of Social Sciences holds regular meetings