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Employer Exposure and Trust


This project entails a study of the relation between employer exposure (as indicated by length of service / tenure) and employee trust in managers.  It is conducted in conjunction with Andy Danford, University of West of England and Ali C. Tasiran, University of Gotenberg, Sweden/ Working Lives Research Institute, LondonMet. 

Aims of Project

Do workers who stay with employers longer trust them more?  Commonsense suggests that workers who do not trust their managers will be more likely to leave, and that those who do trust them will be more likely to stay.  Managers also often believe that the better employees know them, the more they will trust them.  Yet although specialist literatures exist on labour turnover and tenure (whether job tenure has declined for example) and there is also a considerable literature on trust there is no sustained investigation into the wider sociological question: what is the relation between length of service and employee trust? This study aims to provide the first such examination of this, utilising the 2004 Workplace Employment Relations Survey (WERS 2004), a unique and very extensive British data set that permits controls to be made for a considerable number of industry, workplace and individual characteristics.  The results so far do not fit the conventional wisdom.