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The Timescapes Study

Set in the UK, Timescapes is a large scale qualitative longitudinal study that follows people over time to explore the ways in which their personal relationships and identities unfold over the life course. Funded by the ESRC, the project will use and develop qualitative longitudinal methods of enquiry. Timescapes aims to fill in gaps in our knowledge about the micro processes through which relationships and identities are forged, sustained, discarded or re-worked over time and seeks to understand the significance of time in people’s lives. Seven empirical projects are collectively documenting the personal lives and relationships of children and young people, adults in midlife and those in later life.

As part of the Timescapes consortium the Men as Fathers project will feed into three strands of work.

  • Strand 1 involves the creation of a rich working archive on personal lives and relationships at the turn of the millennium. To be housed at the University of Leeds, this resource will allow for a combination of substantive and technical skills and expertise to be used to facilitate, encourage and showcase the re-use and sharing of data.
  • Strand 2 will foster and showcase the re-use of the dataset within and beyond the academic community, using strategies such as mobile workshops, affiliated projects and a secondary analysis project.
  • Strand 3 involves knowledge sharing activities and events at local, national and international levels through which report will be made on the findings of the project, and its relevance highlighted for policy and practice and the advancement of qualitative longitudinal research.

The consortium is coordinated by Professor Bren Neale (FLaG Research Centre, Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds) and involves researchers from the Universities of Leeds, Cardiff, South Bank, Edinburgh and the Open University and from a range of disciplines.