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Feedback From Past Participants About Being Involved

“I think it’s quite useful to spend time chatting and to sort of clarify the ideas you have. To clarify your feelings is nice and also to be asked was quite nice, um, to feel that people would value my opinion or would take on board what I was saying.”


“ I was quite interested just to be a part of the project really. I thought it was an exciting and interesting kind of area. And it was something that I felt would be nice to be a part of really. I like talking and I like talking about where I am at the moment. It is an interesting place to be.” 


“Um, it is probably the most in-depth discussion that I have had about being a father, and I don’t think anybody could have stopped me for going on so long about it. But it has been good to air my views definitely. Yeah, I am pleased that I did it.”


“I’m interested in exploring my own thoughts about it and someone asking me questions I hadn’t thought about before is a good way of doing that. I mean it’s an absolute luxury isn’t it? Someone asks you questions and you talk about yourself for a couple of hours. I mean its great.”


“This is the first time I’ve been able to talk about things that I’d never think about normally. It’s only when you’re asked a question you have to think about it, so yeah, I’m enjoying that.”


“I thought that it might help me to sort of get an angle on what it is that I feel.”


“I don’t know whether it’s going to help people in the future, you know? You get to hear different people’s attitudes towards it and they might think, ‘Yeah, I hadn’t thought of that’.”