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Research Projects

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Cardiff University Ageing Science and Older People Network (CASciOPe)

Multi-disciplinary research into ageing, lifelong health and wellbeing.

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Cardiff Hypermedia

Exploration of hyperlinked, web-based content (hypermedia) and its uses for qualitative research.

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Energy Biographies

Energy Biographies: Understanding the Dynamics of Energy Use for Energy Demand Reduction

Research into energy production and ways to reduce carbon consumption.

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Insight into Ill Treatment in the Workplace

Research project into employee behaviour and causes of ill-treatment in the workplace.

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Learning from Experience

Influencing policy and practice by analysing the lives of young people who have lived within the care system.

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The Men as Fathers Project

Study of the social effects of parenthood in men as they become first-time fathers.

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The Option 2 project

Working with social services to deliver support and skills to families in which children are living with the effects parental substance misuse.

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Personal genomics: UK users' and clinicans' experiences of direct-to-consumer genetic testing

Studying the effect on people’s life choices from the use of consumer health-screening by genetic testing services.

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Religious nurture in Muslim families

Joint research project with Centre for the Study of Islam to investigate how children of primary school age and below are brought up to be Muslims.

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Training in Recession: Historical, Comparative and Case Study Perspectives

Following the recent recession in the UK, this research looks at the effect this is having on employment and workplace training.

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Women Adding Value to the Economy

Women Adding Value to the Economy (WAVE) aims to tackle the underlying issues that contribute to gender pay inequalities in Wales in employment and self employment.

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Representing Communities

Exploring the idea that communities can creative art practices to produce evidence which informs policy and services.

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