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Evaluation of Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) and Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs)


Evidence has shown that providing support and advocacy to victims of sexual and domestic violence is necessary to counteract the negative physical and emotional consequences arising from this type of victimization, as well as improving victims' confidence, satisfaction and engagement with the criminal justice system. In light of this, the Home Office has recently expanded its funding of these posts and has now commissioned a national evaluation of these services across England and Wales. Amanda Robinson is leading this project, which is a collaborative effort involving Cardiff University and the Policy Research Institute (Wolverhampton University).

Aims of Project

The overall aim of the work is to assess how the IDVA and ISVA services have been implemented in various settings and what impact they have had with regard to providing support to victims. The work involves three distinct yet related pieces of research:

  • Evaluation of ISVA services: analysis of quantitative data along with case studies and process evaluations in six sites;
  • ISVA feasibility study: to assess various methodologies aimed at identifying the impact of ISVAs on attrition in the criminal justice process;
  • IDVA evaluation: case studies and process evaluations in four sites with the possibility of including quantitative data.


Home Office


1 Year