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Offending Identities: Sex Offenders’ Perspectives of their Treatment and Management


This piece of research is based on Dr Hudson's PhD research that looked at sex offenders’ perspectives of the way they are treated and managed within the criminal justice system. Offenders’ perspectives have been omitted from research in this field. Her research, has therefore, significantly and uniquely contributed to a growing area of criminological research. The focus of this research was multi-disciplinary, in that it drew upon criminological theories, cognitive behavioural theories from psychology and sociological theories on identity.

Aims of Project

This research undertook repeated in-depth interviews with 32 convicted male sex offenders attending one of three sex offender treatment programmes. Through a rigorous and systematic analysis of the participants’ accounts of their offending behaviour, and of aspects of their identity, both in their own and others’ eyes, this research explored the social construction of the sex offender, and ways in which this can hinder crime reduction strategies.




3 Years

Additional Information

From this research Dr Hudson published 'Offending Identities', which came runner up in the British Society of Criminology's annual book prize for best first time author in 2006.