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Alternative Dwelling Construction, Lifestyle and Green Expertise

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British Academy (2010 – 2012)



This research aims to sociologically examine green expertise distributed amongst key practitioners involved in the design, construction and promotion of alternative sustainable dwellings. This grassroots work remains relatively under-researched yet has implications for issues concerning the mainstreaming of sustainable living and construction practices. It is also site where traditional wood and associated skills are being maintained sustained and reproduced.

With particular reference to ‘Yurts’ and ‘Roundhouses’ the study will aim to document the expertise of green practitioners in relation to knowledge, construction, lifestyle and green skills communication. The research will focus on networks of sustainable construction expertise located in north Wales and Devon. The study will utilise detailed semi-structured core set practitioner interviews, photo-documentation and the field observation of practices associated with alternative dwelling construction and skills reproduction/training.


Alternative Dwelling Construction, Lifestyle and Green Expertise


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