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Nanotechnology in the UK, 2011-2020: A Delphi Exercise


Researcher Name: Chris Groves (BRASS)

Affiliated Staff: Paul Martin (University of Nottingham)

Duration: 01.08.2009- 30.09.2012

This research, which was based on Delphi exercises involving a panel of 13 experts looked at four scenarios, which outline how various relevant factors (commercial environment, regulatory developments, science base, social acceptance) may combine to shape the next ten years of innovation in nanotechnologies in the UK.

Aims of Project

The goal of this research was to register key research needs in relation to the governance of NST, and particularly with regard to the framing of innovation and regulatory policy. It will contribute to setting the research agenda for policy makers and social scientists concerned with NST in the UK over the next 2-5 years, and particularly with factors which will contribute to its environmental and social sustainability.


The project employed a two round, policy Delphi approach (employing an online questionnaire for the first round), and used cluster analysis to formulate four future scenarios based on quantitative data from the first round. These scenarios were then fleshed out with qualitative data from both rounds.

Key Findings

The final report for the project can be downloaded here.


Nanotechnology in the UK: future scenarios and adaptive governance”, FoodDrinkEurope Nanotechnology Stakeholder Meeting, Hotel Silken Belaymont Brussels, 5 October 2011