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Time Ecology

This is a major focus for my research and publication. It is also closely related to my research interests in Future, Risk, Food Time and Foresight for Transport.

1994-6 I held an ESRC Global Environmental Change Fellowship (L32027312593) ‘Mapping the Environment: Temporal and Spatial Problems for the Social Sciences’ which sought to make explicit the time-space dimension of environmental research.

The Tutzing Time Ecology Project is ongoing since 1993, Ökologie der Zeit is a German based interdisciplinary project on the time dimension of environmental matters. To date

  • 16 conferences and 12 workshops have been organised
  • 10 books and dedicated journal issues have been published to date
  • from the conference on Time for Soil Culture, first steps towards establishing a global ‘Soil Convention’.
  • Funding from a number of sources including Schweisfurth Stiftung, Munich and Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, Bonn (equivalent of UK DoE)


Barbara Adam’s Publications on Time Ecology


1998 Timescapes of Modernity. The Environment and Invisible Hazards, London/New York: Routledge, 250 pp., ISBN 0415162742 (hb) ISBN 0415162750 (pb).

1997 with K A Geißler and M Held Die Non-Stop Gesellschaft und ihr Preis, Stuttgart/Leipzig: Hirzel, Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft pp. 257, ISBN 3-7776-0796-7.

Special Issue of Journal

1996 with Maarten Mentzel (eds.) Special Issue on Environment and Social Theory of Innovation, the European Journal of Social Research. Vol. 9,4 pp. 401-7 ISSN 1012-8050

Refereed Journal Articles

2000 ‘The Temporal Gaze: Challenge for Social Theory in the Context of GM Food', Millennium Issue BJS 51/1:125-142, ISSN 007 1315.

1999 ‘Timescapes - Zeitlandschaften: Ein neuer Blick auf Raum und Zeit' Politische Ökologie 57/58:88-90 ISSN 0947-5028.

1997 with M. Held. K. Geißler, K. Kümmerer & M. Schneider (1997) ‘Time for the Environment. The Tutzing Time Ecology Project'. Time & Society 6,1:73-84 ISSN 0961-463X.

1996 with Maarten Mentzel, ‘The Environment in Question: from Crisis to the Maintenance of Things' Innovation, the European Journal of Social Research. Special Issue on Environment and Social Theory Vol. 9,4 pp. 401-7 ISSN 1012-8050

1996 ‘Beyond the Present: Nature, Technology and the Democratic Ideal', Time & Society 5,3:319-338 ISSN 0961-463X.

1995 with Gabriela Kütting, `Time to Re-conceptualise `Green Technology' in the Context of Globalisation and International Relations' Innovation in Environmental Research, 8,3: 243-260. ISSN 1012-8050.

1995 `Auf dem Weg zur Laborzeit: Wandel der Zeiten in der Landwirtschaft', Politische Ökologie, Sonderheft 8:20-25. ISSN 0947-5028.

1994 `Beyond Boundaries: Time for Reconceptualisation in the Face of Global Challenges' Social Science Information sur les sciences sociales, 33:597-620. ISSN 0539-0184.

Book Chapters

2004 ‘Of Metaphors, Morals and Memories – Reflections on Socio-environmental Action from a Temporal Perspective' in Jochimsen, M. A., Kesting, S. and Knoblauch, U. eds. Lebensweltökonomie, Bielefeld : Kleine Verlag, ISBN 3-89370-397-7, pp.199-216

2001 ‘Zeitpolitik und Gender: Eine zeitokologische Perspektive für Umweltsoziologie' in Nebelung, A., Poferl, A. and Schultz, I. eds. Geschlechterverhältnisse – Naturverhältnisse. Feministische Auseinandersetzungen und Perspektiven der Umweltsoziologie. Opladen: Leske & Budrich, pp 227-244 ISBN 3-8100-3064-3

2000 ‘Mediating Environmental Hazards: The Role of Newspapers in Informing and Educating the Public' in H Heid, E-H Hoff and K Rodax (eds) Ökologische Kompetenz (Jahrbuch Bildung und Arbeit 98) Opladen: Leske & Brudrich pp146-162, ISBN 3-8100-2259-4

2000 with S Hofmeister , Vorsorgendes Wirtschaften in Zeiten. Zur Bedeutung der Zeitvielfalt für eine Ökonomie der Vorsorge. A Biesecker, M Mathes, S Schöne, B Scurell, Babette (eds.) Vorsorgendes Wirtschaften. Auf dem Weg in eine Ökonomie des Guten Lebens, Bielefeld: Kleine Verlag pp 238-248 ISBN 3-89370-343-8

1999 ‘Naturzeiten, Kulturzeiten und Gender - Zum Konzept "Timescape", in S Hofmeister und M Spitzner (eds) Zeitlandschaften. Perspektiven öko-sozialer Zeitpolitik.Stuttgart: Hirzel. ISBN 3-7776-0875-0 pb.

1999 ‘La responsbilita e la dimensione temporale della scienzia, della tecnologia e della natura' in C. Leccardi (ed) Limiti della modernita. Trasformazioni del mondo e della conoscenza. Roma: Carocci editore pp 39-58 ISBN 88-430-1474-9.

1999 `Radiated Identities: In Pursuit of the Temporal Complexity of Conceptual Cultural Practices' in Featherstone and Lash (eds) Spaces of Culture: City, Nation, World. London : Sage, pp. 138-158 ISBN 0-7619-6121-6 hb, ISBN 0-7619-6121-4 pb.

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1994 `Running out of Time: Environmental Crisis and the Need for Active Engagement', pp. 93-112 in T. Benton and M. Redclift (eds) Social Theory and the Environment, London : Routledge. ISBN 0-415-11169-2 (hb), ISBN 0-41511170-6 (pb)

Research Publications

1998 Time and Environmental Change, Briefing, (ESRC) Global Environmental Change Programme, Sussex: Programme Office, 4 pp.

1998 with K. A. Geißler, M. Held, K. Kümmerer & M. Schneider Ökologie der Zeit. Vom Finden der rechten Zeitmaße, Munich: Ökom Verlag, pp. 38, ISBN 3-928244-42-6.

1996 Mapping the Environment: Temporal and Spatial Problems for the Social Sciences, ESRC End-of-Award Report, December 1996, 28 pp.