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Socio-environmental Public Policy and Governance

SKiP members adopt an inclusive perspective in their study of socio-environmental public policy and governance. They are actively engaged both theoretical and empirical work in a range of areas including sustainable development, social movements as well as food and transport policy in the UK, the European Union and more recently Eastern Europe.

Current research includes monitoring the implementation of the UNCED Biodiversity and Climate Change Conventions, whilst other projects have been instrumental in initiating the Global Soil Convention.

Current Projects Include:


Susan Baker

  • Environmental governance in the EU
  • Research collaboration with Robert Schuman Centre, EU Florence
  • Promoting Sustainable Development in High Consumption Societies
  • Evaluation of Ecological Sustainability
  • Sustainability Audit of Unitary Development Plans
  • Implementation of European Rivers Network EU project in preparation

Ian Welsh

  • An Evidence Based Approach to Global Social Movement: The Prague WTO Action. ESRC funded project with Dr A. Tickle,Birkbeck & Dr F. Donson, CLAWS .
  • Writing projects with links