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Knowledge & Expertise

The study of knowledge and expertise forms a major focus of the group's empirical programme. It covers the social analysis of science, economics, education, medicine, media and technology and contributes to social science, public understanding of science and education policy debates.

Research projects in this area include studies of modern physics, artificial intelligence, economics, GM foods, nuclear power, genetic screening and counseling, and medical work and practice. SKiP members organise the University-wide inter-disciplinary Centre for the Study of Knowledge, Expertise and Science as well as maintaining strong links with Bath, Cornell and Harvard Universities.

Current Projects Include:


Harry Collins

Rob Evans

  • Economics and the Euro: Social Science in the Public Sphere. Submitted to ESRC.
  • The Production and Use of Economic Forecasts, with Professor Patrick Minford (CARBS)
  • Xenotransplantation: A Case Study in the Regulation of Risk, with Dr Ian Welsh and Professor Paul Morgan (UWCM). Submitted to Wellcome Trust.

Joanna Latimer

Funded projects with details:

  • The clinical picture: judgement, technology and genetic science.
  • Hospital timescapes: an ethnography of the temporal organisation of hospital life. Women Inbetween: An Intergenerational Study of the Experiences of Bangladeshi Women Living in Tower Hamlets.
  • Physician or family doctor? An ethnography of changing relations in primary care. Developments and Innovations in Partnership Working Between Health and Social Services.


  • Materiality and Performativity: managing multi-disciplinarity in the medical domain.
  • The Conduct of Care. Understanding Nursing Practice.
  • Socialising Disease: Medical Categories and Inclusion of the Aged.
  • Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Health Policy and Practice. Competing Interests or Complementary Interpretations
  • The Dark at the Bottom of the Stair: Participation and performance of older people in hospital.
  • Organising Context: Nurses' assessments of older people in an acute medical unit. Nursing Inquiry
  • Giving Patients a Future: the constituting of classes in an acute medical unit.
  • Older People in Hospital: the Labour of Division, Affirmation and the Stop.
  • Figuring identity: Older people, medicine and time.
  • Advanced Qualitative Research for Nursing.
  • All-consuming passions: refiguring subjectivity in late twentieth century discourses of consumption.
  • Distributing Knowledge and Accountability in Medical Work. An Ethnographic Study of Multi-disciplinary Interaction.

Will Housley

  • Art & national identity project
  • Interaction, organisations and institutions
  • Social theory and qualitative enquiry
  • Identity and the sociology of culture