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Cardiff Educational Research Group (CERG)

Cardiff University has strong profile in educational research. During the last five years alone we have attracted over £2.500,000 in external funding for educational research from the ESRC, major national charities and other funding bodies. In the past, educational researchers at Cardiff were dispersed across more than one department. The creation of the new School of Social Sciences has now brought these researchers together to work on a broad range of educational issues. The majority of educational research within the School takes place within CCER though other research centres (SKIP and CREST) also have an educational dimension to their work. Educational research within the CCER has the following distinctive features:

Education is a Lifelong Process

We see learning as taking place in a variety of social contexts; in schools, colleges and universities certainly, but also within families, work-places and wider community settings.

Education Can Not be Divorced From Society

We believe that educational change needs to be understood in relation to other elements of the social structure, such as families, labour markets and political and cultural institutions. We are committed to taking a leading role in the new generation of educational research, which explores the relationship between processes of learning and other dimensions of individual and social life.

Educational Research Needs an Inter-disciplinary, Social Scientific Framework

A key aim of the new School is to foster high quality, inter-disciplinary social scientific research and this aim provides an important context for our educational research. An inter-disciplinary approach, we believe, is vital for theory-building, and for the development of policy and professional practice.

Educational Research Needs High Quality Methodologies

Developing, applying and providing training in rigorous research methodologies is central to the school's mission and colleagues working within the field of education have international reputations for their developmental work in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.