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Forthcoming Meetings

The School Research Ethics Committee (SREC) will be meeting on the following dates this academic year.  Applicants should arrange to send their application documents to Deborah Watkins ( two weeks before the relevant meeting date.  Applications will be circulated to Committee members for review in advance of the meeting.  Following the meeting, applicants will receive an email followed by a letter confirming the Committee’s decision on their application.  Should an applicant be asked to provide further information to the Committee before a decision can be made, then this will be dealt with via Chair’s Action as soon as possible and certainly before the next meeting of the Committee.

The Committee does not normally interview the researcher or request their attendance when the proposal is considered, although it may invite the researcher to attend if it is believed that this would assist the Committee.  Researchers may also request the opportunity to address the Committee.  Members of the Committee must withdraw from consideration of any submission in which they are researchers or supervisors.


Cardiff School of Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee

Meeting Dates – 2013/14

  • Wednesday 2nd October 2013 – 10.00am
  • Wednesday 6th November 2013 - 9.30am
  • Wednesday 4th December 2013 -10.00am
  • Wednesday 8th January 2014 -10.00am
  • Wednesday 5th February 2014 -10.00am
  • Wednesday 12th March 2014 -10.00am
  • Wednesday 2nd April 2014 -10.00am
  • Wednesday 7th May 2014 -10.00am
  • Wednesday 4th June 2014 -10.00am
  • Wednesday 9th July 2014 -10.00am