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Approval of Research

Cardiff University requires that all research involving human participants or human material or human data is subject to formal ethical review and approval before such work can be started.  This requirement applies to all University employees, whether the work is undertaken within or outside University premises and all visiting researchers of the University irrespective of whether they are employed by the University, including persons with honorary positions, conducting research within, or on behalf of, the University.

The School Research Ethics Committee (SREC) has been established to advise on ethical issues in research in the School and to assess for approval research proposals involving human research participants, material or data.

Submitting Applications

Information on Submitting Applications to the School Research Ethics Committee



Before you can start any non-clinical research project involving human participants, human material or human data in the School, you have to obtain formal approval from the School Research Ethics Committee.  This is a group of people within the School who discuss research submissions and decide whether, on ethical grounds, the research can proceed as proposed.  The Committee’s terms of reference are simple: to receive research proposals from students and staff of the School and to consider any ethical issues that might arise from carrying out this research.

Confidentiality of information obtained during research

You must familiarise yourself and comply with current legal requirements for storage of and access to data about research participants. You must consider the method of keeping personal data about research participants and how to anonymise information about them, where appropriate.


Payment to Research Participants

If people taking part in your research are to be offered any payment or incentive to do so over and above appropriate expenses, you must explain this in your application.  Any form of payment or incentive to take part will need to be clearly justified to the School Research Ethics Committee.


Informing Research Participants of the Results of Research

You are encouraged to consider the issue of informing research participants of the results of the research or where they may be able to get access to this information, although research participants may not be able to be given their individual results.  Taking part in non-clinical research is a voluntary matter requiring good-will on the part of the community and it is appropriate for research participants to be able to receive feedback on research they have been involved in where this is possible.

Research with Vulnerable Groups

Recruitment of Participants

Information and Consent