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SKOPE Issues Papers

 The latest SKOPE Issue Papers are available to download below:

Issues Paper 31: Ten Big Questions for Higher Education [139.4 Kb]

Craig Holmes, Ken Mayhew and Ewart Keep, SKOPE, University of Oxford and Cardiff University

Issues Paper 30: Higher Fees, Higher Expectations? [159.3 Kb]

Helen Carasso, Hubert Ertl and Craig Holmes, SKOPE, University of Oxford

Issues Paper 29: Making the Most of Teachers’ Knowledge and Skills [157.4 Kb]

Caroline Lloyd, Jonathan Payne and Françoise Larré, SKOPE, Cardiff University and Toulouse Université le Mirail

Issues Paper 27: The Five Obstacles that Hamper Better Understanding of Graduate Labour and Skills [49.6 Kb]

Susan James - Oxford University, Chris Warhurst - University of Sydney, Jo Commander - University of Strathclyde, Kimberley Lindsay - Oxford University and Gerbrand Tholen - Oxford University

Issues Paper 26: Implications of polarisation for UK policymakers [50.4 Kb]

Craig Holmes, SKOPE, University of Oxford

Issues Paper 24: UK Higher Education in Recession [51.6 Kb]

Craig Holmes and Ken Mayhew, SKOPE, University of Oxford

Issues Paper 22: What is apprenticeship? [154.5 Kb]

Susan James, University of Oxford, SKOPE, July 2010

Issues Paper 21: Some Comments on Skills for Growth [62.9 Kb]

Ewart Keep, Cardiff University and Ken Mayhew, University of Oxford, SKOPE, February 2010

Issues Paper 18: Skills Policy in England and Scotland after Leitch [61.0 Kb]

Jonathan Payne, SKOPE, Cardiff University, November 2008

Issues Paper 17: Skills Policy and the Displacement of Industrial Relations [45.5 Kb]

Ewart Keep, Caroline Lloyd and Jonathan Payne, SKOPE, Cardiff University, September 2008